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Discover the product categories

Automotive Connections

Connections for car and motorcycle applications, with general or sealed connectors which completed with their terminals, rubber grommets and seals, made of different materials in different types and equivalent to the most common products in the market.


Connectors and terminals

Connections for applications on large and small home appliances, industrial automation, lighting, electronics, etc. Complete with the relative terminals and taps by C.S., equivalent to the most common in the market and made of different models and materials.


Fastin and Faston

Multi-way housing, standard terminals, nylon cable ties, 2.8/4.8/6.3 series, faston and faston cover for all wiring requirements.


Terminal Blocks

Connectors for printed circuit boards, with pitch of 2.50 / 2.54 / 3.5 / 3.81 / 5.00 / 5.08 / 7.50 / 7.62 /10.00. Screw connection with housing, color: green, contact surface: Tin. Rated current: 12 A, number of poles from 2 to 24.


IDC and D-Sub connectors

IDC female connectors with insulation perforation and male from C.S., transitions and DIP for circuit, that using AWG28 flat cable 1.27mm pitch. D-Sub to crimp, weld, insulation displacement, high density, including accessories.


Flat ribbon cables

AWG 28 flat cable with 1.27mm pitch, UL Style 2651, in rolls from 153 meters (500 feet) from 9 to 64 poles. Or wrapped on polywood reels (antifungal treated wood) for lengths from 500m or 1,000m, from 4 to 26 poles.


Heat shrinkable tubing

Polyolefin sleeve, with shrinkage ratioprotections 2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1, Halogen free, UL 224, for voltages of 300 and 600 V, available in different colors with or without adhesive. Braided sleeve and protective sleeve.


Pre-insulated Terminals

Ring, forks, male and female terminals, pre-insulated and not, available in nylon and PVC loose version and in reel with easy insertion (easy entry). Crimper and wire stripper.



A complete range of extractors / inserters for the most common terminals / connectors, automatic binding machine for cable ties in loose and in reel. Heat guns, brushless / brushes screwdrivers, with relative systems of quality control of tightening, torque measurement, fume extractor, manual soldering stations with related accessories / spare parts.