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Fastin and Faston

Cable ties

Cable ties includes the following articles.

Product codes: EK-80M EK-90M EK-100M EK-120M EK-140M EK-165M EK-200M EK-140I EK-150I EK-180I EK-200I EK-250I EK-300I EK-370I EK-120S EK-160S EK-190S EK-200S EK-250S EK-280S EK-300S EK-370S EK-385S EK-430S EK-530S EK-150H EK-200H EK-250H EK-280H EK-300H EK-340H EK-370H EK-380H EK-450H EK-500H EK-550H EK-750H EK-430L EK-450L EK-550L EK-610L EK-710L EK-780L EK-810L EK-920L EK-1020L EK-1220L

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